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Zettelkasten Note-Taking Method With DEVONthink
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Bookmarked iOS 16 - New Features - Apple

an 🍎 a day

John wrote about a cool new feature in iOS 16 which I really appreciated - it was the first I’ve heard about it. I had some fun playing with it on my iPhone. Could be an excellent creative tool and like John, I’m hoping it becomes part of iPadOS too.

Thanks John!

words and ideas from the peeps

From Amit: “I wish there was a technology that could capture the smell you are experiencing...” Cool idea and by the way, it’s how well you write that matters - keeps me coming back anyway.

📺 From Ray: “...think of total silence as an auditory experience of a different kind” when roaming around Utah or Colorado. I did and it was. Sweet!

Finally, from Brad who just may have a future in stand-up: “...I’m keeping all the Darkness in the World at bay with beans.” You cracked me up Brad though I’m still trying to wrap my head around that dollar store thing. 😎


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