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It all started with John’s post, 2022 in Titles. I’ve always been a sucker for word clouds and the one John made is cool! Thankfully, he shared a link to the python command line word cloud generator he used.

Not only do I appreciate him handing me a wonderful resource to use at the linkport but more importantly, he inspired me to tinker with the generator a bit. In the end, he inspired a brand new haiku and I kinda like it (see below). And that’s how ideas evolve...

This faux café cubano I’m drinking evokes fond memories of Miami. ☕️ 🌴 😎

Let’s have a little Web Now.Zero fun, shall we?

  1. Find yerself a button wall to use as a starting point.
  2. Click a button, discover something new.
  3. Enjoy what you discovered, look for links or, if yer lucky, another button wall.
  4. Click something, discover something new, enjoy, find another new link and repeat.

We don’t need stinkin’ Web 3.0. We have Web Now.Zero and it’s fun.

Just sayin’...


I’m just repeating something said in the past as a reminder to myself, hopefully inspiring.

“The artist knowing his demise is imminent, reaches deep into his heart keenly aware that it’s still beating.” ✍️ 🖌️ 🎶

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