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extraordinary satirical art, imo

There’s more than the amazing collage that meets the eye. I’m still exploring the artist’s in depth details, a long list of links pertaining to all the slogans, memes, and images used in the installation. I wasn’t going to admit it but I did sing along with it too.

In an era of Emoji being the fastest growing visual system of communication, the video adopts animated GIF’s “looped, extended and repeated” format, and scrutinizes how personal political expressions are being produced, replicated and mutated in online conversations.

the spirit of the old web is alive and well

Over the last month, I’ve been working on the resurrection of bulltown. It’s a new take on content from the bulltown archives, circa 1997-2004 inspired by so many sites I’ve encountered recently full of the retro style and spirit of the web of the late 1990s. I have a new appreciation for that content in terms of where my head was at back then - in a sense, it helps me understand who I am now. It’s been a gratifying experience.

I’ve done away with the frames, tables, and pop-up windows ending up with a quieter and more minimal presentation.

You may have noticed that some of its content is republished on this blog. Moving forward, I hope to create more content in that same spirit to be added to the new bulltown. I hope you enjoy it.

Found this article quite relatable…

I realize that whether people like what I write or hate it has absolutely nothing to do with my worth as a human being. Yet, receiving comments and emails from readers who say they enjoy my website and understand its value feels good.

[via airhangerf15]

A gift for Mr. #Musk …

… do I get a free Tesla now?

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