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  • You have got to be kidding!
    DoNotPay - The World's First Robot Lawyer
    [via Chichibio]

    This is not an endorsement nor recommendation. I just found it amusing. You are like so on your own, baby! 😎

  • I got this I hope

    I just noticed that comments left on a specific posts are showing up on all posts - WTF!?! Color me working on it… update: 🤞 ✔

  • saturday morning oops report

    A big thank you sir! to Ray for the heads up about comments not working. It seems a certain loose nut behind the wheel forgot to flick the switch on ’em. Problem now resolved so don’t be shy and have a great weekend!

  • here’s to simplicity❗️

    To borrow a phrase from Ray, I’ve been working hard to “simplify the mission” around here too. The first stage of my simplification project started about 6 months ago - it’s almost done.

    Ray was talking about his sensible simplification of Blogroll.org. The change not only helped bring back the fun for him - it also improved the user experience. I like it!

    His story reminds me of my own need to simplify. Too many domains, too many Wordpress installations, and too many things to keep updated. Like Ray, I thought this was supposed to be fun. I’ve been doing this web thing for 24 years now and due to simplifying, I’m pleased to say it’s even more fun now.

    I’ll spare you the details of the project. But if you explore my web a bit, you’ll probably get it. Like Ray said:

    Ahhhh… I can breathe easier and I don’t feel pressure anymore to keep so many things updated.

    And that’s why this blog is now simply.

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